About HEArt — Human Equity through Art



Building an international community of citizens who believe in art as a vehicle for social reform through publication of HEArt Online and promoting the role of artists as human rights activists.



Artists have long assumed leading roles in speaking out against human rights abuses and agitating for reforms. Playwright Vaclav Havel was imprisoned for defending human rights only nine months before he was elected President of Czechoslovakia. Novelist Alexander Solzhenitsyn accepted exile rather than stop writing the dark history of the Soviet Union. U.S. writers in this tradition are many: Harriet Beecher Stowe, Ralph Ellison, James Baldwin, Sapphire, Adrienne Rich, Martín Espada and Suheir Hammad, to name just a few. In every community, artists consistently lend their voices and time to addressing social justice issues. By practicing their craft within a larger social context, they reach an audience defined not merely by aesthetic appreciation or academic achievement, but by concern for the quality of life in their communities. To nurture their work is to sustain their villages.



From 1997-2002, HEArt published and distributed 15 print issues of its quarterly magazine. Known as HEArt Quarterly until 2000 and HEArt thereafter, it featured poetry, fiction, essay, review, and visual art probing aspects of racial, sexual, gender, and class discrimination. Today we also actively seek work addressing disabilities. Contributors included Kim Addonizio, Martin Amis, Amiri Baraka, Jan Beatty, Dennis Brutus, Martín Espada, Nikki Giovanni, Marilyn Hacker, Linda McCarriston, Sonia Sanchez, Sapphire, Sekou Sundiata and Stacey Waite. HEArt also mounted a reading series in Pittsburgh featuring Tim Seibles, Allison Joseph, Timothy Liu, Sapphire and Sonia Sanchez.

In 2013, HEArt relaunched as HEArt Online coupled with a 2013-14 Pittsburgh reading series that featured Terrance Hayes & Saeed Jones, Tim Seibles, Vanessa German and Martín Espada.

In 2017, HEArt Online is transitioning to a journal with wider reach and more focused editorial departments. Joing the editorial staff are Casey Rocheteau as Managing Editor and General Poetry & Fiction Editor; Shira Erlichman as Literature & Arts Editor for Mental Health submissions; Cameron Awkward-Rich as Literature & Arts Editor for Queer/Trans submissions; Fatimah Asghar Literature & Arts Editor of Let Me Love Me submissions; and Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib as Music Editor, curating submissions writing about music in the social justice realm. Former Managing Editor, Leslie Anne Mcilroy, now serves as Online Publisher & Development Director. Former Fiction & Nonfiction Editor, Daniel Morrow PhD, serves on the Human Equity through Art Board, as does former Poetry Editor Curtis Crisler, along with poets Ocean Voung & Casey Rocheteau.

Our goals remain to publish the finest contemporary art & literature that actively fights discrimination and promotes social justice.