Anonymous by Aiden Angle

by Leslie Anne Mcilroy

                                 After fucking he tells me he’s negative  
          & to message him if anything comes up,

says he’s not trying to have any babies
          & I tell him there’s no baby maker

in me. He pulls up his pants, insisting
          I had a good laparoscopic surgeon & shares

          being spanked with rulers by nuns—
a small-town boy, just discovered

                                   city living: Philadelphia. 
He’s elated to live within walking distance to good sushi 

          & can’t stand when Catholics tell him he’s going to hell
                      for touching another man’s butthole. 

                                              I can’t fuck without shame.

                                   He washes his softening dick with soap in the sink,
                      its head receding into foreskin. 

Photo of Aiden Angle

Photo of Aiden Angle

Aiden Angle is a current MFA candidate at Rutgers University, Newark. He graduated from Carlow University with a B.A. in Psychology, minor in Creative Writing, and concentration in human development. He has worked as a counselor in community mental health for individuals with intellectual disabilities, as well as severe mental illness. He’s the drummer for the band Moonspeaker and his poems have appeared in Pittsburgh Poetry Review, Pittsburgh City Paper Chapter & Verse, Rogue Agent, and Misfit Magazine.