“you try to take our picture—” by Anna Cabe

by Leslie Anne Mcilroy

                   after Poklong Anading

because our dimples were
because you liked the way our bellies
because our brown skin shone like chocolate or cinnamon or something edible
under the flash
because we ran down the street with no pants
and no shoes
because we’re small and our ribs were like piano keys and our palms
were outstretched
because you’re so used to us saying yes that our
protective mirrors
blind you—
the flash becoming your undoing

Photo of Anna Cabe

Photo of Anna Cabe

Anna Cabe is an MFA candidate in fiction at Indiana University and the nonfiction editor of Indiana Review. Her work has appeared in or is forthcoming from Bitch, The Toast, SmokeLong Quarterly, Joyland, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Cleaver, and Glass: A Journal of Poetry, among others. She was a 2015 Kore Press Short Fiction Award semifinalist, a finalist for Midwestern Gothic's Summer 2016 Flash Fiction Series, and a finalist for the 2015 Boulevard Short Fiction Contest for Emerging Writers. Find more about Anna here.