special cantomundo Issue

In October, 2015 we celebrated the work of Cantomundo writers in an issue guest edited by CantoMundo fellow Malcolm Friend. CantoMundo is a national organization that cultivates a community of Latin@ poets through workshops, symposia, and public readings.

Says Malcolm, "At the 2015 Austin, TX CantoMundo retreat (my first), I was blown away by the talent of the other fellows, showcased in both the community readings and the workshops. As I left Austin, I felt like I was carrying that power with me and wanted to share it with others. Reaching out to HEArt Online was a logical choice. So much of the poetry I heard at CantoMundo went hand-in-hand with the work HEArt does—poems attending to issues of inequality, challenging power structures both in the United States and beyond.

"A little while back, another CantoMundo fellow, Carina del Valle Schorske, posted an unattributed quote from this year’s retreat on Facebook: 'We are always in someone else’s country.' As we tried to figure out who had said this, someone else commented 'We all said it.' In this issue, you’ll find a number of poems that reflect on those words…."

cantomundo poets

November Rain — Diana Marie Delgado

Having a Beautiful Black Boy in America — Eduardo Gabrieloff

Two Poems — Darrel Alejandro Holnes

A Dancer Tells Me About the Cuarenta y Tres (Para Christian Alfonso Rodriguez Telumbre) — Lupe Méndez

Two Poems — Natalie Scenters-Zapico