Black & White Photograph by C. Albert

by Leslie Anne Mcilroy in

It is significant that her skin is black
and her eyes are hidden

under the shadow of her white
hat brim. She was told

not to wear white because it didn’t look
right with her skin. She reaches

to hold the fence up with her hand
or she is bound to it

by her white belt. The folds of her
white gown blend into her white picket

town. Rows of clean
knives point to the sky and warn:

The land inside this line
is now mine.

Black roots grow below the soles
of white shoes, deep down.

C. Albert is both a poet and visual artist, and sometimes the two merge. She is currently creating a series of box art (some with poems). Her collage and photography often inspires writing. Collage and poem pairings have been featured in a number of online publications, including ink sweat & tears (where she is ongoing Artist in Residence). Her poems have been published in diverse journals including Wicked Alice, Monarch Review, Naugatuck River Review, Centrifugal Eye, among others.