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Welcome to HEArt Online — the nation's premiere journal of literature and art devoted to fighting discrimination and promoting social justice. Here you will find work that speaks to human equity — an ideal/practice we explore, promote and strive toward through the publication of critically insightful literature and art.

Click, read, feel and think. Wrestle, shift, challenge and comment — everything is set up as a blog to encourage dialogue among readers/with artists. If you are on facebook, like us and share. If you twitter, please follow us and tweet. Awareness is growth. Knowledge is power. Be part of a community of artists/activists who believe that challenging prejudice through intense, skilled craft is a way of giving voice/witnessing/opening the door to social reform.

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september 2018 — LAST ISSUE

Trans/Queer, Curated by Cameron Awkward-Smith
Autoromantic by Alison Kronstadt
Kid by Erin Jin Mei O'Malley

Let Me Love Me, Curated by Marlin M. Jenkins
Lorde Blue by Taylor Johnson
Two Poems by Yuxi Lin

Mental Health, Curated by Shira Erlichman
Two Poems by Gia Marr




Gender-neutral & The Gifts that Keep on Giving — Art by Andréa Acker
3 Poems by Kemi Alabi
Anonymous by Aiden Angle
charm against negative body image by Tam Blaxter
SM by Franny Choi
Two Poems by S. Brook Corfman
Homeplace: Sunrise by Stacy Grover
Two Poems by Stephen Ira
Two Poems by Liv Mammone
Two Poems by H. Melt
the suicide of young idris by Chubuihe Obi

Mental Health

Two Poems by Sarah Byrne
Two Poems by Fiona Chamness
Two Poems by Heather Johnson
Ode to the Breathalyzer in My Car Followed by a Mother's Prayer by Inam Kang
Life Preserver by Joshua Lindenbaum
Holding Coins by Nicholas Reiner
as you become by Zaphra Stupple
At Fajr by Mehrnoosh Torbatnejad
Two Poems by Jeanann Verlee
The Dream Didn't Predict I'd Have a Panic Attack in Macy's by Lauren Whitehead

Let me love me

Two Poems by Saida Agostini
Two Poems by Derrick Austin
Two Poems by Aziza Barnes
Would You Believe Me if I Told You by Su Cho
My Sister Plucks the Hair Above My Upper Lip by Carlina Duan
Two Poems by Safia Elhillo
Two Poems by Diamond Forde
Girl by Jenn Givhan
I Ask for Too Much by Ysabel Y. Gonzalez
Two Poems by Momina Mela
Two Poems by Sahar Muradi
Three Poems by Beyza Ozer

Poetry & Music 

Is It an Album or a Song? Interview with Kaveh Akbar by Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib

General Social Justice Fiction

Beacon on the Hill by José Francisco Fonseca 
Invocation by Miranda González
Bars by J. L. Higgs
I am Fine by Cindy Lee


Songs We Sing at Night by Adefolami Ademola

Song of Myself by Sojourner Salil Ahebee

Two Poems by Fatimah Asghar

The Day I Saw My Rapist at the Corner Texaco by Shawn Aveningo


Unfinished Letters to Officer [Insert Name] by Tara Ballard

Two Poems by Jan Beatty

Titans Don't Stay in their Graves by Rosebud Ben-Oni

"you try to take our picture—" by Anna Cabe

To Be a Mexican by Hugo Rodríguez Castañeda

Three Poems by Tameka Cage Conley

Two Poems by Anne Champion

Intoxicated British Boy, 19, Kills Chinese Grandfather Visiting His Daughter by Kristin Chang

Three Poems by Cortney L. Charleston

The Details Get a Little Fuzzy, I Apologize by Cortney Lamar Charleston

How to Watch Mexico vs. USA Soccer with A Father Who Is More Referee than Coach by Alan Chazaro

Two Poems by Chen Chen

Framboyan by Danielle de Corcho

Four Poems by Karla Cordero

becoming beautiful by Curtis Crisler


Two Poems by Jim Daniels

Two Poems by Tyree Daye

Fear of Men by Susan Defreitas

Americas by Denise Duhamel

Memory of the Aleppo Boy by Saddiq M Dzukogi



On Adding Sand to the N-Word to Make a New Slur (After Azealia Banks) by Hazem Fahmy

An Open Letter to President Donald J. Trump by Matthew Foley

From the Book of Common Thoughts and Prayers by David Forman

Two Poems by Malcolm Friend


Crackers by vanessa german


Killmonger by Asante Keron Hamid

Two Poems by Zeina Hashem Beck

Democracy Is Dying by Terrance Hayes

Terrance Hayes Reads "Carp Poem"

part II…hoods by Bennie Herron



Aubade by Saeed Jones

Saeed Jones Reads "Jasper 1998" at HEArt Performance Series, October 9 2013

Carcass by Allison Joseph

Ego Training: Advice for Girls & Women by Allison Joseph



Two Poems by Gerry LaFemina

Mercedes Lawry — “Little Appetites”

Dirty Blood by Courtney LeBlanc

Body Count by Antonio Lopez


Dandelions by Liv Mammone

Two Poems by Erika Meitner

The Testimony of Darren Wilson by Simon Mermelstein

Obamaclipse by Rony Nair

Trouble So Hard by Meredith Nnoka


Two Poems by Samuel Olatunji

Numbness Speaks to the Body in the First Person by Olatunde Osinaike

Afghanistan: The Raped Girl by Alicia Ostriker

Forget America by Lisa Panepinto

Two Poems by Alejandro Pérez



Black Depression Anxiety February by Julian Randall

Survival: The Sequel by henry 7. reneau, jr.

Three Poems by Jess Rizkallah

Topsy (Direct), The Second of the Topsy Suite — Casey Rocheteau

My Whiteness by Caroline Rothstein


Two Poems by Aaron Samuels

Two Poems by Kayla Sargeson

First Writing after IDK Attacked Gaza, 2015: Machal by Sam Sax

Two Poems by Eric Schwerer

 One Turn Around the Sun by Tim Seibles

An Open Letter — Reading by Tim Seibles

What — Tim Seibles

Lucky by Tim Seibles

Dear White America by Danez Smith

Post-Racial by Patricia Smith

She Watches the Inauguration by Patricia Smith

What the Banger Said to the Ghost by Frankie Soto

Two Poems by Lolita Stewart-White


Three Poems by Speak Like a Girl — Megan Falley & Olivia Gatwood

Black Joke after Patricia Lockwood by Taylor Steele

When the Shotgun Questions the Black Boy by Sonya Renee Taylor

Life Jacket by Mehrnoosh Torbatnejad



Three Poems by Preeti Vangani

Three Poems by Ajise Vincent

Two Poems by Arriel Vinson


Rock and Roll by Jerry Wemple

I Go Home by Patricia Jabbeh Wesle

Skating by Emily Paige Wilson

PrEPositions by L. Lamar Wilson


Evan Yi — “Bloodletting” & “Babel”
Two Poems by Brigit Young


Land of Opportunity, Art by David Feingold

More News — Art by Josepha Gutelius

Painting, "Freak Flag #2015" and Artist Statement by Steven J. Simmons

The Black Body Curve — Asylum & Bride Price, Art by Andrea Walls


Essay/creative nonfiction

Janus Head — Creative Nonfiction by Brittany Hailer

Finding An(Other) Way: An Interview with Jennifer Bartlett by Ellen McGrath Smith

Intersections: e pluribus unum with Sekou Sundiata

Living Arts, Some Notes from the Solidarity Sing Along by Wendy Vardaman

Don't Make Me Lipread, OK? — Art & Essay by Asphyxia



Who Do You Think You Are? — A Conversation with Toi Derricotte, The Undertaker’s Daughter

The Conversation Overheard — with Jericho Brown & Leslie Anne Mcilroy

Jan Beatty’s "Shooter," A Controversy for Feminist & Gender Politics by Mary Kate Azcuy

We Make an Offering: A Conversation with Nikki Giovanni

Terrance Hayes & Saeed Jones on the Power of Language — HEArt Performance Series After-Chat

Shoulda Been — Interview with Patricia Smith

Image as Voice — An Interview with Photographer/Founder of "Witness Change" Robin Hammond by Photographer/Activist Scott Roller



"If I Had a Hammer" Covered by Mark Dignam — 50th Anniversary March on Washington



The Beauty and Contradiction of South Africa: A Photo Essay by Chaun Ballard

Tomorrow Attacking — 1998 Million Youth March, NYC, by Tyrone Brown-Osborne

Two Photos by Alexis Rhone Fancher

Two Photographs by Alexis Rhone Fancher

Freedom Ride by Photographer Scott Roller

Delmar Divide — Photo Essay by Victoria Sgarro

Homeless Madonna by Christopher Woods



Sisyphus El-Masri, a Short Play by Hazem Fahmy



We Are Turned To The Right, Too, Poetry Review by D. M. Aderibigbe

Reviews of Zeina Hashem Beck’s Collections: "There Was and How Much There Was" & "3arabi Song" by Sharon Fagan McDermott

Review: God’s Work (Bijan Mottahedeh) by Mark Dignam

Review by Noah Stetzer: October Mourning — A Song for Matthew Shepard

The Sessions Voices, “Blackbird” — Into the Light

Review of Jericho Brown's The New Testament by Danez Smith



CantoMundo Poets, Guest Edited by Fellow Malcolm Friend, October 2015

Let Me Love Me, Curated by Poet/Activist Fatimah Asghar, April 2016



Is It On?, video by Belladonna the Blest

God's Work by Bijan Mottahedeh & Composer John Kilburn

Found Objects by Lolita Stewart-White

To The Man Who Asked Me To Pose Butt-Bootie-Ass Naked by Lolita Stewart-White