Have a HEArt — HEArt 2017 Fundraiser to Pay Contributors & Editors

It's been a long time since HEArt asked for funds to keep up the important art/activist work we do. This year, we expanded our Editorial Board to include six new Editors, who are currently volunteering their time to review and publish submissions in a much broader range of social justice issues, with a significant expertise in their categories:

Casey Rochteau — Managing Editor, General Social Justice Poetry & Nonfiction
Marlin M. Jenkins — Let Me Love Me (not open to general submissions)
Cameron Awkward-Rich — Queer/Trans
Shira Erichman — Mental Health

Since our transition, submissions have doubled, if not tripled, and we continue to turn out monthly issues that speak vibrantly to social justice truth/witness and change, with an exceptionl level of craft and insight. We are growing — 1,000+ FREE subscribers now.

And, we don't want to charge ANYTHING for subscribing, so we ask you to kick in what you can to help us keep moving forward. We are now a 501(c)3 nonprofit, which makes your donation tax deductible. We also have exciting/limited-time, must-have rewards for you — notebooks featuring quotes from some of our most popular authors.

The notebooks are original, one-of-a-kind and will not be reproduced once our fundraising campaign is over. They make great gifts for your artist/activist friends. Just scroll through the slideshow to see them. Get ONE notebook for every $25 you donate, for example:

Contribute $25, choose 1.
Contribute $50 - choose 2.
Contribute $100 - choose 4.
Contribute $125 - choose 5.
Contribute $150 - choose 6.
Contribute $175 - choose 7.
Contribute $200 - choose 8.
Contribute $225, choose all 9 (or whatever 9 you would like)
Etc. …

1) First, PLEASE click the "Donate" button to contribute via paypal.

You will receive an email noting your tax-deductible donation shortly after we receive your PayPal donation.

2) Then, fill out the form below, chooSE the number of notebooks that correspondS with your donation (see above) and hit the "Submit" button to send us your order. You will receive your chosen notebooks within 30 days.

If you want more than one of a particular notenook, please communicate the number.

Checks can also be made out to "Human Equity through Art" and mailed to 333 Pitt St., Pittsburgh, PA 15221 with specific notebook selections for your rewards.

Name *
Checkbox 1
Jan Beatty — Speedballing
Checkbox 2
Tameka Cage Conley — “Remains”
Checkbox 3
Franny Choi — “Should”
Checkbox 4
Susan DeFreitas — “Fear of Men”
Checkbox 5
Malcolm Friend — “Static’s Elegy for Black Bodies”
Checkbox 6
Terrance Hayes — “Democracy Is Dying”
Checkbox 7
Sam Sax — “First Writing After the IDF Attacked Gaza 2015: Machal”
Checkbox 8
Tm Seibles — “One Turn Around the Sun”
Checkbox 9
Danez Smith, “Dear White America”