Two Poems by Fatimah Asghar

by Leslie Anne Mcilroy



it is the year      ,    someone’s dead again    family

wakes up to nightmares of america    nightmares
of pakistan     nightmares of kashmir   it is the year          ,
war again  ?  wrong question    genocide  ?    wrong answer
bloody footprints      a different kind of meadow
field of bones   black ash on the snow
marble graves when there is no stone

it is the year         ,    black ash on snow
a marble grave when there is no stone   whats
a body smell like when it burns    ?       no
that’s not the way the story goes    it is the year      ,    
black ash on snow   story goes   field of bones
spine of bullets         field of bones
a different kind of meadow

parking lot of bones    spine of bullets  family
reunion: name how many brothers left   ?   wrong
answer,  name how many sisters left    ?    wrong

whats a body smell like when it burns   ?  wrong
question,    whats a body smell like when its shot   ?
wrong question,    whats a body smell like when the cells
attack the rot  ?     blood clot   blood clot   blood clot

Photo by Jason Riker

Photo by Jason Riker

Fatimah Asghar is a nationally touring poet, photographer and performer. She created Bosnia and Herzegovina’s first Spoken Word Poetry group, REFLEKS, while on a Fulbright studying theater in post-violent contexts. She has performed on many stages, including the Dodge Poetry Festival, The Nantucket Project and TedX. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in POETRY Magazine, The Paris-American, Drunken Boat, and Word Riot. She is a member of the Dark Noise Collective and is a Teaching Artist for Young Chicago Authors. Her chapbook Medusa, They Would Sing is forthcoming on Yes Yes Books fall of 2015.