Fat Justice by Tim Gavin

by Leslie Anne Mcilroy

                           “I will feed them with justice.” — Ezekiel 34:10

With justice they need to be fed for once, for who
Can stomach such suffering? Paltry goats
And rotten eggs become staples of a diet
For the malnourished, but both are scarce.  All
The while the moon sheds its lights, stars blink
Back and forth in Morse code calling for help, but none
Will come. Only more wanna-be missionaries who hold up
A prophet in one hand and dangle gold crosses from their necks,
Promising food for thin lambs and slaughter for fat ones.
A promise of justice in the form of bread and sugar
Or beans and rice or chunks of cheese with wheat
Crackers or fruit pies made by the church ladies
Back in the parish hall in some American town, where
They boast Ezekiel and promise fat justice
While the moon turns its shoulders away from the sun.

Photo of Tim Gavin

Photo of Tim Gavin

Tim Gavin is an Episcopalian priest who serves as a chaplain at The Episcopal Academy located in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania. He oversees the school's partnership with Haiti and travels to Haiti three to four times a year. He has had a number of poems published in various journals including Anglican Theological Review, Black Bear Review, Black Water Review, Chiron Review, Mad Poets Review, Negative Capability, Poet Lore, Wind and Yarrow. He lives in Southeastern Pennsylvania with his wife and two sons.