Two Poems by Gia Marr

by Leslie Anne Mcilroy


you could call it
every last need
or daddy issues
or my way of lugging
around my
railway spine
call it every year
becomes another
every dread
near death
comes in with me
walking with a cane
on fire
at night i dream
up animals
she knows them well
situates them
around the room
as i arrive
so here i am
curled up
on a couch
an aberration
a lilac
a wolf



After Angel Nafis
When I show you a baby
picture on a Tuesday
I forget you can time travel
so I’m under-prepared
I suck on my lip
as you take me in
Gia       ancient       faced
Gia   jam        jar of         roses
Gia   hands       refusing      touch
Gia   stuck             stacking             doll                                                                              
you are           here and        here                and her
I remember discovering pockets
my first form of privacy
You say bring whatever
you want to me

so I read you poems
tell you dreams and
you harbor each tear-
drop on your couch
I am splayed
privacy can be mine and ours
drenched, awake

Photo of Gia Marr

Photo of Gia Marr

Gia Marr is a poet in the Bay Area writing about therapy.  She has current work in TQ Review and Cosmonauts Avenue.