I Eat Chickens by Elizabeth Glixman

by Leslie Anne Mcilroy

My neighbor Sally has a pet chicken. It sits in her lap, comes when she's called.  Sally writes an online blog about her pet chicken. She has started a chicken rescue.  She writes about chickens pumped up with hormones with breasts so big they can’t stand. She writes about chicken fights in small cages and beaks torn off by chicken producers. The meat must not be nicked. People want purity. Sally advocates for leaving chickens alone. She posts pictures of her beloved Sarah chicken in costumes and listening to music.

I don’t know. I don’t know.  I say as I lick my lips. Chickens taste so good. I eat them stir-fried, sometimes roasted, baked dressed in their juices. But then I read on Sally’s blog that Sarah comes when she’s called, gives chicken kisses and coos. When Sally shows her two sweaters for the winter and says pick one to wear, she picks blue.

Elizabeth P. Glixman is the author of four poetry chapbooks: A White Girl Lynching, Cowboy Writes a Letter & Other Love Poems, both published by Pudding House Publications, The Wonder of It All published by Propaganda Press, and her latest I Am the Flame.

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