Uprising by Joy KMT

by Leslie Anne Mcilroy

got a ghetto full of stone-faced
grievers, fungible black bodies
giving life like neon lights from heaven

always on, we taken from and never given
teeth cracking ice; been anemic
since black been american

in our awakening, we cease
feeding you our marrow.
on the other side of dusk

we make love to our rage
a devastating hope
of bearing children
we ain’t worried about burying.

you don’t understand us,
.5-1.5 mm skin on the nucleus
a hairline from us & heralding angels
waiting to roost

in the chapels of our eyes. the glory
of creation breaks open. god spoke
& riot created the firmament

upon which we stand. This is old
// twisted // separated

we rejoin. molotov fire, twisted iron, earth and bricks,
pepper spray, we rejoin. our sight to our flesh. we

rejoin. cascading cerebellum to the skull cracked
rejoin. severed spines. upon awakening, we rejoin

blood to blood
heart to chest
voice to throat
(beat beat beat)


we breathe.

Joy KMT is queer&quantumblack&femme&hood&poet&mother&lover&. Her work has appeared in Check The Rhyme: An Anthology of Female Emcees and Poets, Amistad: Howard's Literary Journal, Black Girl Dangerous, Blood Lotus, an Online Literary Journal, Backbone Press, The Feminist Wire, Pluck! the Affrilachian Journal of Arts and Culture, Near Kin: Words and Art inspired by Octavia Butler, Sugared Water, Blackberry Literary Magazine, Joint Literary Magazine, and Black Quantum Futurism. You can find her here.