The Machete by Judson Lewis

by Leslie Anne Mcilroy

Occupy Pedophilia is a Russian Neo-Nazi group that goes "on safaris,” luring gay men into meeting them, then humiliating and torturing them. A message from their Leader Maxim Martsinkevich:

Here in Russia, we have saying:          
“Trust in God but lock your doors.”
I no believe in God.

The cold here get in your bones.
The soil, make you stand up straight.

They call me Тесак:

            The Machete.

See your radiance in this skinhead shine.
Witness your imperfections reflect in my knife.

Under the terror of my own boot I am


In Russia we have saying:
“To live with wolves, you have to howl like a wolf.”
I love when I make a faggot howl.

I call this one Whiner …
This predator comes to me.
Respond to my ad,
            to my calling.

Now he surrounded by my friends
on frozen curb.

Here in Russia we have saying:
“Do not look for trouble — trouble will find you itself.”

This fifteen-year-old fairy look for disgusting dick,
but he find the backside of my hand

over and
            over and
                        over again.

Whiner say, “Stop hitting me. I not a dog.”
Now look in my camera.
Смотри в камеру!

I will tag this video
Do Repost — Break His Life

Whiner say, “Please! Please! No put video on internet!”
I say I reasonable man, I give him choice:
This fork go in his left eye
or he fuck himself with it.

Now hold this dildo.
I shave his hair
I paint rainbow
I pour my piss on this sissy
so I know I am safer.

So Mother Russia is purer,
so her children are sheltered,
so I inspire a Nation.

Viciousness needs flag,
             cruelty needs excuse,
                         the scapegoat needs a hunter,

so there is a need for me.

Here in Russia we have saying:
“You can shear a sheep many times but skin him only once.”

I am not the type of man that has regard for wool.

Poet Judson Lewis wonders what your spirit animal is. A seer in darkness, he shares spiritual illumination through verse. Devastatingly, his poem "The Machete" is a true story. Judson is distraught by the increasingly hostile environment for LGBT Russians and hopes you can help by donating to The Russia Freedom Fund.