asylum by Kanchi Sharma

by Leslie Anne Mcilroy

there is darkness.

there is a large fence.

there is the possibility of death.

there is the assumption of time

saving social skills.

the assumption of the good scotch

being over soon.

there is a constant overpowering

between lack and abundance.

there is paint on the wall

that you are indifferent to.

there is a stoic sky

that never rains.

there is a request (to no one in particular)

to end it all.

there are picked-up pieces

from the movies, paintings

and faces that have a piece of the sky in them

with a certain drought.

there is a question. always the question,

that gets lost like people in your periphery.

there is muteness.

there is the hope inside that

something has survived.

Kanchi Sharma is an advertising professional and a poet who daydreams of being Gloria Steinem/Edward Snowden’s PA someday. In her free time, she makes erasure poetry out of news that causes her heartbreak. She tweets at @NonKanformist. 

Author photo of Kanchi

Author photo of Kanchi