Special "Let Me Love Me" Issue Curated by Poet/Activist Fatimah Asghar, April 2016

by Leslie Anne Mcilroy

This special issue pays tribute to poet Fatimah Asghar's "Let Me Love Me" site devoted to people of color exploring their experiences with body image and self love. The lineup is outstanding, as you can see below.

Photo of Fatimah Asghar by Jason Riker

Photo of Fatimah Asghar by Jason Riker

Writers responded to Fatimah's articluate and exigent call for submissions that expressed the need for a dialogue about what it means to be viewed in the prevelant white mirror and what it takes to to smash that mirror, look inside, hold up a reflection — a vision — of your own making. It is a gorgeous and unflinching, brave and brilliantly crafted conversation. We are humbled to bring it to you. Please see below.

As always, we ask that you click, read, feel and think. Wrestle, shift, challenge and comment — everything is set up as a blog to encourage dialogue among readers/with artists. If you are on facebook, like us and share. If you twitter, please tweet. Awareness is growth. Knowledge is power. Be part of a community of artists and activists who believe that challenging prejudice through intense and skilled craft is a way of giving voice/witnessing/opening the door to social reform.

Art. Justice. Community.

Your Editors at HEArt

Ashna Ali — Hair

Two Poems by Ariana Brown

Doing Hair & Loving Women by Asia Calcagno

From The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows by Marci Calabretta Cancio-Bello

Two Poems by Franny Choi

Two Poems by Tiana Clark

Why You Cannot Touch My Hair by Eve Ewing

After Angela Davis by Brionne Janae

Two Poems by Marlin M. Jenkins

Sisterhood Ghazal by Allison Joseph

If You Love The Fur, Then You’ll Love The Beast  by Michelle Lin

Two Poems by Nate Marshall

Two Poems by Irène Mathieu

Mercy by Hieu Minh Nguyen

Defendant vs. Her Remaining Eggs by Katy Richey

Two Poems by Raena Shirali

Two Poems by Danez Smith

My Afropuffs by Jamila Woods