In an NFL Elevator Video by Nicole Miyashiro

by Leslie Anne Mcilroy

September, 2014

On the screen
she sees herself talking
high heels fixed to the ground, her mouth
moving without words, because
he didn’t want to hear it, and
there is no
recorded sound.
She watches him
wait …
for the doors
to pinch sight, and that’s her
fumbling backward a step, heels nudged
off balance, then another SMACK!
No sound.
But she remembers the hard crack of it,
him kissing her face
with his fist,
the handrail rising fast to her head
as she slumped, and then …
she does not recognize herself
on the screen. Who is that,
she thinks. That rag doll he flits
with his foot
and then decides
to lift by the armpits
with a swaggered
drag toward the door. That woman
spilled over the ground,
across the threshold and left
to explain herself
to each side, she watches —
the doors tottering to a close,
opening, now closing
in on her.

Photo of Nicole Miyashiro by Tamar London

Photo of Nicole Miyashiro by
Tamar London

Nicole Miyashiro has new work published or forthcoming in The Doctor T. J. Eckleburg Review, Life in 10 Minutes and Clever Girl Magazine. She lives in State College, PA, where she is an editor for the PA Center for the Book and is collaborating with The Palmer Museum of Art on her ekphrastic project, "Words of Art." Her current work-in-progress is a collection of linked stories that explores the origin of the orca entertainment business. Learn more about Nicole here.