Is It a Good One? by Monica Goldberg

by Leslie Anne Mcilroy

There were seven people on the history tour. A lovely family from Scotland, three
gossipy teachers from somewhere — and me. The guide was a retired architect
and wanted to know what we thought of each Memorial Place*

The Gypsy One —
some of us
was just too small. A circle full of water with a poem on the edges.

The Homosexual One —
was also pretty small,
just an oblong shape and a short experimental film of two men kissing.

The Russian One —
on the other hand, was huge.
 A tall perplexed soldier peering down on to you. Like you didn't matter at all.

The Reichstag One —
was the longest. A row of cast iron plates that never
seemed. To end.

The Jewish One — was wide.
The guide said it was about small increments,
and the rules creeping.

Up on you, there was no final meaning and you can always get out. Apparently, it
was was now time to visit the final bunker. He heard about Mussolini and didn’t
want his body dragged around — or something like that.  

The guide was full of interesting facts. And that the earth below us was not a real
place. He said that we needed a break. Everyone ordered mostly cake and
coffee except I ordered a fish and salad roll. Then it was on to the headquarters
which is now a Museum of Terror. The tour didn’t include it so I asked the guide,
Is it a good one?

He said that a source is worth a visit.

Die Topografie des Terrors

 — I think that was.

The name.


Authors note:
This work is a surrealist exploration of an afternoon Berlin (Third Reich) Walking Tour

*Place: an area with definite or indefinite boundaries (the Free Dictionary)

Photo of Monica Goldberg

Photo of Monica Goldberg

Monica Goldberg is an Australian poet, prose writer and occasional non-fiction writer. Her prose story "A Leap of Faith" was commended in the "joanne burns award for micro lit and prose poems" and published in the anthology Stoned Crows and other Australian Icons (Spineless Wonders, 2013).

Her photography has been published by The Grief Diaries and her prose story"Rare Expectations" was long listed in the 2015 Fish flash fiction awards and published in the Pacuare Reserve anthology Human Nature; Poems for Pacuare. Two of her stories were shortlisted in the 2016 Fish Flash Fiction awards and two of her poems were published by Minor Literature[s]. Her work has been performed by Little Fictions at both the Sydney Fringe Festival and the Sydney Writers Festival. Her poetry and photography was recently published by the literary magazine Drunk Monkeys.